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We make Custom Cushions and Pillow Covers of any size with any foam of your choice.

Welcome to Booth Avenue! We provide Commercial Furniture Upholstery and Restoration in Portland, Oregon. We Service Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Hospitals, and More! Not only that, but we Build and Re-Upholster Restaurant Booths, Bar Stools, Benches, Chairs, Ottomans, Couch Cushions, and Pillows. Furthermore, we have Fabrics, Vinyls, and Leather for all types of Furniture. 15 different Foam Types are available to choose from. You select the Design, and we’ll build it to your Specification. Our company is based in NE Portland, close to Vancouver. We have over 40 years experience in Commercial Furniture Upholstery. We provide Dedicated Quality Craftsmanship and our work is guaranteed. Contact Us for a Free Estimate or if you have questions. Thanks for visiting our website. Give us a call today!

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